SUNX Light Curtain Selection, Part 1

07/23/2009 - Volume 2, Issue 9

With the recent release of the SF4C light curtain, SUNX has expanded its safety product line to greater cover machine safeguarding needs across multiple industries. The SF4C fills a gap in the application coverage of the SF4B series by offering a low profile, type 4 light curtain for smaller machines, while maintaining the high end functionality of the SF4B.

To assist in the selection of the best light curtain for your application, we have created the following selection guide to help you quickly determine the proper series for your application:

If you decide you need a Type 4 solution based on your risk analysis, it becomes a matter of selecting the correct series based off of the needs of your individual applications. The SF4B series handles the large scale, long range applications, while the SF4C handles the low scale, short range applications. There are, of course, some overlapping models, however, those instances allow our customer more choice based on their individual preferences.

Single Beam Safety

If your safety requirements call for the protection of a smaller area, or body level detection, SUNX also manufactures a type 4, single beam, safety sensor to meet your needs. Up to 6 beams can be connected in series for protection of multiple areas at a time and the available high functionality controller, ST4-C12EX gives the capability of performing three separate muting schemes simultaneously.

More information about the SUNX SF4C light curtain

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