Non-Polarized Power Relays: HE-PV

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Ideal for Solar inverter Compact size, 1 Form A 35A/48A Power Relay

RoHS compatible UL CSA Recognition VDE


  • 35A/48 A current at 250 V AC achieved in compact size (L: 33 × W: 38 × H: 36.3 mm L: 1.299 × W: 1.496 × H: 1.429 inch)
    Due to improved conduction efficiency, wide terminal blades are used. (for high capacity type)

  • Contact gap: 2.5 mm (VDE0126 compliant)
    Compliant with European photovoltaic standard VDE0126
    Compliant with EN61810-1 2.5 kV surge voltage (between contacts)
  • Contributes to energy saving in devices thanks to reduced coil hold voltage
    Coil hold voltage can be reduced down to 40% of the nominal coil voltage (ambient temperature 20°C 68°F). This equals to power consumption of approximately 310 mW.
    *Coil hold voltage is the coil voltage after 100 ms following application of the nominal coil voltage.
  • High insulation and 10,000 V surge breakdown voltage (between contacts and coil) achieved. 
  • Conforms to various safety standards
      Certification authority  
    High capacity type C-UL 48 A 277 V AC (at 85°C 185°F)
    VDE (VDE0435) 48 A 250 V AC cosφ = 0.8 (at 85°C 185°F)
    Standard type UL/CSA 35 A 277 V AC (at 25°C 77°F)
    VDE (VDE0435) 35 A 250 V AC cosφ = 1 (at 80°C 176°F)

Typical applications

Photovoltaic power generation systems (Solar inverter)

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