High Capacity DC Power Relays: AEP

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AEP Series: High Voltage, High Current Cut-Off Capable, Compact Power Relay

10A PC board 10A TM 20A TM 80A 200A 300A
RoHS compatible UL CSA Recognition*1

*1 (10A, 20A and 80A types)


  • High-voltage, high-current control capable
    400V DC high-voltage switching and 1,000V DC cut-off has been achieved thanks to a sealed construction with mixed hydrogen gas and the magnetic arc motion through use of a permanent magnet.
  • Compact & Low Operating Sound
    By using a capsule contact mechanism that is enclosed with hydrogen gas, high capacity cutoff is possible even with a tiny contact gap. There is little operating sound, which does not change even when large currents are cut off.
  • Arc space unnecessary
    The enclosure box can be made smaller thanks to an arc-space-free construction from which the arc will not get out.
  • Safety
    Since the contacts are enclosed in a sealed capsule structure, the arc will not get out, which ensures safety.
  • High contact reliability
    The contact part is hermetically sealed with H2 mixed gas, hence the contact resistance remains stable regardless of the ambient conditions.
  • Mounting direction is not specified
    The weight of the movable parts is light, and also the restoring force is large, hence the relay is relatively unaffected by gravity.
  • Wide selection of models available.
    Types include PC board type (10A), TM type (10A and 20A), Lead wire type (200A) and Connector type (80A and 300A).
  • Standard compliance
    The 10A, 20A, 80A type is UL/C-UL standard certified.
  • Safety standards
    Product nameUL/C-UL (Recognized)
    File No.Contact rating
    10A E43149 10A 400V DC, 10A 277V AC Resistive
    20A E43149 20A 400V DC, 20A 277V AC Resistive
    80A E43149 80A 400V DC, 80A 277V AC Resistive

Typical applications

  • Photovoltaic power generation systems
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Construction machinery
  • Welding equipment
  • Battery charge and discharge control
  • AGV (Automatic guided vehicle) (Unmanned transport carts)
  • Inverter control

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