Narrow Pitch (Board to FPC) Connectors: P4

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Without retention fitting Socket Without retention fitting Header With retention fitting Socket With retention fitting Header
RoHS compatibleTough Contact


  • 0.4 mm pitch and support for mated heights of up to 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.0 mm. 
  • Strong resistance to adverse environments! Utilizes "TOUGH CONTACT" construction for high contact reliability.
    • Contacts are highly resistant to shock caused by dropping and employ our original bellows contact construction.

    • V notch construction used for excellent resistance against foreign matters.

    • Use of Ni barrier construction is standard. Highly effective against solder creeping.

    • Porosity treatment applied for improved resistance against corrosion.

  • It is constructed with impact dispersion keys inside the body to disperse shocks when dropped.

    A high level of shock resistance is ensured by dispersing impact over the four locations where the socket
    indentations and header protrusions are mated together
    The following numbers of contacts are not supported due to suction surface factors.
    Without retention fitting: 18 contacts or less
    With retention fitting: 22 contacts or less
  • Construction makes designing devices easier.
    • The lower connector bottom surface construction prevents contact and shorts between the PCB and metal
      terminals. This enables freedom in pattern wiring, helping to make PCB's smaller.

    • Guides are provided to take up any position shift and facilitate insertion.

    • The connector has a simple lock mechanism.
      Superior mated operation with click feel to indicate that mated is complete.

  • Design makes efficient mounting.
    Features a terminal flatness of 0.08 mm, construction resistant to creeping flux, and design that facilitates visual inspection of the soldered part.
  • Connectors for inspection available
    Connectors for inspection are available that are ideal for modular unit inspection and inspection in device assembly processes.


Compact portable devices "Cellular phones, DVC, Digital cameras, etc"

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