Narrow Pitch (Board to FPC) Connectors: F4S Dimensions

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Discontinued part numbers

AXT518124, AXT618124, AXT538124, AXT638124, AXT546124, AXT646124, AXT5E1826, AXT6E1826, AXT5E3826, AXT6E3826, AXT5E4626, AXT6E4626

  • Last time to buy: September, 2013
Narrow Pitch (Board to FPC) Connectors F4S

Dimensions/model drawings for this product appear below.

Units are usually notated in millimeters (mm).
(For some products, additional measurements may also be provided - notated as inches (in) or inches (in)).

1.Socket (Mated height 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm)

External dimensions

General tolerance: ±0.2mm

* Since the Soldering terminals* has a single-piece construction, sections Y and Z are electrically connected.

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2.Header (Mated height: 1.0 mm and 1.2mm)

External dimensions

General tolerance: ±0.2mm

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3.Socket and header are mated

Mated height 1.0mm Mated height 1.2mm

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4.Embossed Tape Dimension (unit: mm) (Common to all sockets and headers)

  • Unit: mm
  • Common to all sockets and headers

Specifications for taping

(In accordance with JIS C 0806-1990. However, not applied to the mounting-hole pitch of some connectors.)

Specifications for the plastic reel

(In accordance with EIAJ ET-7200B.)

Dimension table (Unit: mm)

Connector orientation with respect to embossed tape feeding direction

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