Narrow Pitch (Board to FPC) Connectors: A4F

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Discontinued part numbers

AXE314124, AXE414124, AXE328124, AXE428124, AXE332124, AXE432124, AXE338124, AXE438124, AXE380124, AXE480124, AXE3E1426, AXE4E1426, AXE3E2826, AXE4E2826, AXE3E3226, AXE4E3226, AXE3E3826, AXE4E3826, AXE3E8026, AXE4E8026

  • Last time to buy: September, 2013

Ultra-low profile connectors (Mated height:0.6mm)

Socket Header
RoHS compatible Tough Contact Advanced


  • 0.6-mm mating height ultra-low profile two-piece connectors.
    The profile is equivalent to or lower than that of FPC connectors, contributing to the miniaturization and height reduction of overall product design.

  • Space-saving (3.0 mm widthwise)
    The required space is smaller than our F4 series (40-contact type):
    Socket - 40% smaller,
    Header - 43% smaller
    The A4F small size contributes to the miniaturization of overall equipment design.

    40-contact type

  • Low profile and high resistance to various environments is achieved by means of "TOUGH CONTACT ADVANCED" features which has high contact reliability (Please refer to page 3 of listed features.)

    • Bellows contact construction improved the ability to withstand twisting andincreased resistance to shock of dropping.
      "High-precision metal processing", which is one of our core technologies, provides the contact with adequate flexibility and thereby high impact resistance while achieving the 0.6 mm ultra-low profile.

      Simulation analysis:
      We analyzed what the ideal spring shape would be to bring the right spring characteristic to the contact, and then precision molded it using precision metal processing, one of our core technologies.

    • Anti-solder-rise efficiency increased due to Ni barrier
      An area where the nickel-plated layer is exposed has been secured in the middle of the socket contact. This area prevents solder rise, which conventional ultra-low-profile connectors are prone to.
      Influence of solder controlled in contact and contact spring parts.
      Solder remains in the terminals and stable fillet mold is possible.

    • Double contact improves contact reliability
      The two-point contact structure provides high contact reliability even though the profile is ultra-low at 0.6 mm. The structure blocks flux and foreign substances, with an effect equivalent to that of our unique V-notch structure.

    • Improved resistance to corrosion by gas, etc., due to porosity treatment
      This treatment consists of coating surface with a very thin film to seal pinholes in the gold plating. We have developed this porosity treatment technology, which ensures the same contact reliability for thin gold plating as that of thick gold plating.

      • Improvement in insertion/removal durability
      • Improvement in contact reliability for digital signals

  • The simple lock structure gives tactile feedback that ensures a superior mating/unmating operation feel.

  • Gull-wing type terminals
    The gull-wing type terminals facilitate automatic mounting inspections.


Compact and thin portable devices "Cellular phones, Digital cameras and DVC, etc"

Advanced Series A4F

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