Light Sensors

Light Sensors

Light Sensors Product Lineup

Visible light sensor (Silicon Photo IC) that detects light and converts into electrical current. Consists of a photodiode and built-in amplifier. Optical filter provides spectral response similar to human eye sensitivity. Applications include: LCD Backlight Control, Commercial and Residential Lighting Brightness Control, Security Lighting

SeriesSpecial FeaturesPart NumberTypePhoto CurrentMax. Power DissipationRecommended Reverse VoltagePeak Sensitivity WavelengthSwitching Time
NaPiCa (AMS) NaPiCa (AMS) Series Photocurrent is proportional to illumination with linear output. Cadmium-free design uses environmentally friendly silicon chips. AMS104 SMD 260uA* 40mW 1.5V to 6V 580nm 8.5ms (rise),
8.5ms (fall)
AMS302 Through-hole
AMS402 Chip 20uA* 6mW 1.5V to 5.5V 560nm 1.2ms (rise),
1.2ms (fall)

Notes: *Ev = 100lx (Ev Brightness, Fluorescent lamp is used as light source)

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