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3D Image Sensor

D-Imager 3D image sensor


  • Proprietary imaging sensor based on Time-of-Flight Technology
    D-Imager uses a proprietary CCD along with near-infrared LEDs to sense human gestures and track full body motion allowing users a fully interactive experience. Applications include digital signage, audience measurement, security, medical, shape detection and anti-tailgating.
  • Slim and compact design
    An ergonomic design integrates well with most display systems. External dimensions: 170mm (w) x 54mm (H) x 50.5 (D).
  • Operating Ambient Illumination
    100,000lx maximum


Entertainment and gaming

The D-IMager outputs three-dimensional information in real-time giving games the ability to become more immersive by allowing for control through a players' gestures or movements. The D-IMager has a large horizontal 60 degree field of view and up to 30 frames/sec output.

Digital signage

The D-IMager collects spatial (depth) information. This data can be used to control large screens without using touch panels or other cumbersome interfaces. The D-IMager enables signage to be interactive and more game-like or screen animation (i.e. augmented reality) in response to people moving in front of the screen.

Remote control

The D-IMager is capable of capturing hand-gestures which could be used to change channels/slides and raise/lower volume among other functions for televisions, computers and stereos.


The D-IMager can also recognize shapes, making it possible to detect the difference or grouping of people. For example, building entrance security can be improved by implementing anti-tailgating and intrusion software that uses the D-IMager's detection data.

Product Support

For technical support about D-IMager, please check our FAQ or contact our support team:

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