Infrared array sensing

The Grid-EYE infrared array sensor detects moving and motionless objects with 64 infrared-sensitive elements, creating a thermal image. More about Grid-EYE »

D-IMager software solution

Panasonic edition of Omek Beckon™ Development Suite now included with D-IMager. Beckon for Panasonic is a full-featured development platform to rapidly deploy full body tracking and gesture recognition D-IMager applications. More about D-IMager »

SON PhotoMOS relay

Smallest PhotoMOS package offers a significant advantage in space savings and high density mounting. Low on resistance and low output capacitance versions with 40V load voltage output rating. More about SON PhotoMOS relays »

PS-A direct liquid pressure sensor

Liquid and air pressure measurement with built-in amplifier and compensating circuit. Linear output for both positive and negative pressure (-19.6kPa to 49kPa). Low power consumption contributes to energy savings. More about PS-A »

Precision electronic component solutions by Panasonic

Offering high-performance electronic component product lines including: relays, connectors, built-in sensors, switches, and automotive devices all backed by highly-trained application support and friendly customer service.

Relays Relays Image

Relays including Power, PhotoMOS, Signal, Solid State, Automotive, and High Frequency. More »

Sensors Sensors Image

Full-body tracking and gesture recognition, occupancy, pressure, and object detection, light intensity, and more. More »

Connectors Connectors Image

Narrow-Pitch board to board and board to FPC connectors featuring slim terminal pitch ranges and mated heights. More »

Switches Switches Image

Environmentally sealed construction, snap action function, interlock function, and detection capability. More »

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