GTWIN HMI Programming Software

HMI screen creation tool for the GT series

The user-friendly interface makes screen creation easier.

Compatible with eight languages

The menu can be indicated in Japanese/English/German/French/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/Korean/Italian.

Simply drag and drop parts

You can easily create screens by just dragging parts from the library and dropping them anywhere you want.

More user-friendly parts libraries

In the previous version, the required parts library had to be selected from the menu every time it was needed. The new version displays a list of parts libraries, making them more user-friendly. You can also freely set the parts library window size.

Just drag and drop original parts to be registered.

You can also register your preset original parts easily by drag-and- drop operations.

256-color 3D buttons (for GT05S/GT21C/GT32T)

3D-design buttons with higher visibility and operability are available.

Screen copy in bitmap form

You can output screen images in bitmap form and use them in off-the-shelf applications. This is useful for preparing equipment operation manuals.

Firmware upgrading function

Before transferring screen data, select "Automatic firmware update" to automatically upgrade the display if the display version is older than the firmware version in GTWIN. You can keep the firmware version upgraded by using the latest version of GTWIN.

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Part numbers

Part Number Description
Terminal GTWIN Ver.2 Tool Kit*
GTWIN CD-ROM, includes GT series English Technical Manual
AFC1520M-US9 3m GT series Programming Cable for GT01 / GT01R(5v/24v) / GT11 /GT21 / GT30

Note: *GTWIN ver2.8 or later is not compatible with Windows95, 98, Me or NT. Please use Ver.2.7.1. The upgrade file can be downloaded from this site.

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System requirements

Item Specifications
OS GTWIN v 2.8+: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
GTWIN v 2.71: Windows 95 (OSR2) / 98 / Me / NT (Ver.4.0 or later) / 2000 / XP / Vista
Available hard disk space More than 300 MB
Recommended CPU Pentium 100 MHz or better
Recommended system RAM More than 64 MB (depends on OS)
Recommended display resolution 1024*768 or more
Windows Vista High color (16 bits) or better
Applicable HMIs All GT series

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