FPWIN GR PLC Programming Software

Ladder programming interface for Panasonic PLCs

  • Easy field operations Not requiring the use of a mouse for data entry, search, writing, monitoring and timer changes, all carried out only from the keyboard.
  • Allows standard operations in Windows Copy & Paste, etc.
  • All FP series PLCs are supported The software is compatible with programs produced in Ver. 4 or Ver. 3 of NPST-GR.
  • Easy programming with wizard functions
  • Communication with OPC Server, CommX, GTWIN, PCWAY simultaneously through the same port.

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Function instruction list

Classified by type, function instructions can be selected from the displayed list.(Simple help included.)

I/O comment edit

Successive I/O comments can be input for each device type. Data from Excel and other applications can be copied and pasted via the clipboard.

Status display

Displays information concerning PLC usage situation and settings, and detailed information when an error occurs.

Text compiler

This software is for importing and exporting programs created in text format to and from FPWIN GR. Programs created on the PLC of another company can be edited as text and then be transferred to the FP Series without difficulty.

Text command input

A ladder diagram is displayed as a mnemonic code is entered from the keyboard.

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Extra tools

Data editor


This software for the PC is for reading and writing data stored in the memory of FP Series main unit or on an IC card. If a large data table is required in a PLC, the data can be created and edited on a PC and then dowmload to the PLC.

Modem connection

Communication via modem is easy with FP Series units in isolated locations.

Wizard function

A Wizard function included in FPWIN GR since versions 2.2 can automatically generate ladder programs by simply entering and selecting required items in the dedicated screen. It can be used to assist in positioning, PID instruction input, and FP-e screen display instruction input.

FPWINGR wizard

Personal preference settings

It is possible to switch among preference settings for FPWIN GR, Data Editor and Text Compiler that are set up for different individuals.

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Part numbers

Part Number Description
Control FPWIN GR full version
Supports all FP series PLC, includes English user manual
Control FPWIN GR small version
Supports FPe/FP0/FP1/FPM/FP sigma/FP-X series, includes English user manual
AFC1520M-US9 3m GT series Programming Cable for GT01 / GT01R(5v/24v) / GT11 /GT21 / GT30

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System requirements

Item Specifications
OS Windows 95 (OSR2) / 98 / Me / NT (Ver.4.0 or later) / 2000 / XP / Vista
Available hard disk space More than 40 MB
Recommended CPU Pentium 100 MHz or better
Recommended system RAM More than 64 MB (depends on OS)
Recommended display resolution 1024*768 or more
Recommended color depth High color (16 bits) or better
Applicable PLCs All FP series

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