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Digital AC Servo Motor and Driver

High performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed.

A5 Servo

Key Features

  • 20 bits/revolution, 1.04 million pulses
    Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration while maintaining position as well as accurate positioning within a short setting time.
  • Low cogging torque
    We have achieved the industry's lowest cogging* by utilizing a new 10-pole rotor design and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and stability are greatly improved with the result of minimal torque variation. This results in improved speed stability and positioning
  • Highly Functional Real-time Auto-Gain Tuning
    Incorporates the industry's quickest high-performance real-time auto-gain tuning featuring simple setup. After installation, tuning will be completed automatically after few operations.
  • Manual/Auto Notch and Damping Filters
    These filters will automatically detect vibration and provide simple auto-setting. These filters greatly reduce noise and vibration.
  • 2.0 kHz frequency response
    Achieves the industry’s fastest frequency response of 2.0 kHz*. This allows a highly advanced system to be created that achieves the industry’s fastest speed and positioning response.
  • IP67 enclosure rating for increased environmental resistance.
    Our improved motor seals and direct-mount connectors in the motor power supply and encoder input-output areas contribute to this unit's IP67 enclosure rating
* Based on internal research conducted in 2009.

Industry-Leading Advantages

Five industry-leading advantages supported by a variety of new technologies and features:

A5 Servo

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