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Type 4 Light Curtain

Ultra-Slim type 4 light curtain designed specifically with small machines in mind

SF4C Light Curtain Introducing a Type 4 light curtain that combines high end performance with an ultra-slim enclosure. The Panasonic SF4C series has been designed to offer a machine safeguarding solution without sacrificing productivity. Its size and shape allow for it to fit efficiently into small machinery while maximizing the usable working space for the equipment operator.

Large multipurpose indicator

Large multipurpose indicator The bright LED indicators located in the center of both sides of each light curtain can be illuminated green or red by using external inputs. There is no need for setting up a separate indicator, so that equipment is consolidated.



Slim size for efficient applications

The slim size of the SF4C allows for the available workspace to be increase from the previous model.

Slim size

IP67 rated enclosure

An IP67 (IEC / JIS) rating is achieved with an ultra-slim size for protection from environmental factors.

Integrated safety input

Safety input Contact outputs such as an emergency stop switches or a safety door switches can be connected to the light curtain. This allows for a streamlined output setup for machines that include multiple safety devices and saves panel space which is often a premium in small equipment.

Direct connection of safety devices

Direct connection

Bipolar NPN/PNP output configuration

PNP transistor output and NPN transistor outputs are combined in a single model. This provides universal application worldwide without the need for purchasing separate NPN or PNP models as your project needs change.

Convenient beam axis alignment indicators

Beam alignmentThe beam channels of the light curtain are displayed in four blocks so that incident light position is shown at a glance. When the beam channel at the bottom most channel (or topmost channel), which is used as a reference for beam-axis alignments, is correctly aligned, the LED blinks red. After this, each block lights red as the beam axes successively become aligned. When all channel beam axes are aligned, all LEDs light green. The display also has a stability indicator (STB) added so that setup can be carried out with greater stability.

Built-in safety control circuit

The light curtain has a built-in external device monitoring function and an interlock function. This allows a safety circuit to be constructed so that a separate safety controller is not needed, and the control box has become smaller to help to achieve to lower costs.

Built-in safety control circuit

Built-in muting/blanking control function

The light curtain has a built-in muting and blanking functions, which offer advanced functionality when objects passing through the beams while the machine is running. There is no need for a separate muting controller which saves money and space. The muting sensors and muting lamps can be connected directly to the light curtain. Furthermore, the large multi-purpose indicators can be used as muting lamps, which contribute to less wiring troubles, improvement of safety and productivity, and cost reduction.

Built-in muting/blanking control function

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