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Laser Displacement Sensor

HDLC-CMOS displacement senor with 100 kHz sampling speed, up to 0.01 micron resolution and +/-0.02% F.S. linearity

Ultra High-speed High-precision Laser Displacement SensorThe HL-C2 series is the latest ultra high speed, high precision, laser diplacement sensor from Panasonic. Designed with precision measurement in mind, the HL-C2 series peforms at the top of its class in the areas that mean the most: speed, accuracy, and precision.

High speed laser displacement

With a blazing 100kHz sampling rate, the HL-C2 provides near instantaneous feedback suitable for the fastest R&D processes. High speed rotational eccentricity measurements can be perfomed while maintaining a greater level of data collection than with previous models. This results in a measuerment with a much higher defnintion, providing a accurate representation of the true-to-life movement.


The optics HL-C2 have be custom designed to offer a rock solid linearty of ±0.02%. By using high grade glass, the emitter and receiver optic systems demostrate incredible control over the laser light that results in a linearity value that is nearly 10X that of our previous model.


The HL-C2 series employs an High Density Linear Cell CMOS receiver for resolution values down to 0.01 µm. The number of cells on the receiver has been doubled, which coupled with the tight beam distribution of the laser beam, allows for the detection of extremely minute changes in displacement.

The HL-C2 controller offers several high end functions that make the system truly self contained. The internal memory banking function allows for up to 16 different programs to be saved directly in the controller which can be chosen directly from the terminal block on the front of the unit. This gives the unit independence from PLCs, computers. etc. that were required in the past to change settings for different measurement circumstances. The dual head inputs allow for one controller to power two heads, thus making applications such as dual head thickness measurement a breeze and I/O options such as Hi/Lo/Go discrete outputs and analog voltage and current outputs are standard on all controllers.

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