Measurement Sensors: GP-A

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Inductive Displacement Sensor

Simple inductive displacement sensor for basic measurement applications

High Accuracy Inductive Displacement SensorThe GP-A series of inductive displacement sensors provide accurate measurement of metallic object displacement with a resolution of 0.04% F.S and a linearity of 0.5% F.S. Both the amplifier and the sensor heads also exhibit excellent temperature characteristics as well. These features coupled with the IP67g rating of the sensor heads enable incredibly stable performance in the most demanding environments. Five types of sensor heads are available for integration in a wide array of applications.

The compact amplifier is equipped with several advanced features such as zero-adjustment, shift adjustment, and span adjustment functions. This allows for simple integration with your application. The amplifier is also equipped with convenient indicators to alert the user of faults or if the sensor is out of range. One analog output is provided and is available in 1-5V or 4-20mA ranges.

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