PLC Programmable Controls: FP2 Specifications

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PLC Programmable Controls FP2

Specifications for this product appear below.

Power supply / I/O SpecificationsPower supply 100 V to 120 V AC / 200 V to 240 V AC/100 V to 240 V AC, 24 V DC (varies with different models)
Input 12 V to 24 V DC, 24 V DC ±common
Output Relay 2 A to 5 A / Transistor 0.1 A to 0.5 A (varies with different models)
Performance SpecificationsNumber of I/O points Up to 2048 points
Expansion Up to 1 backplane Max. number of I/O points: 2048
Remote I/O: 8192 points
Operation speed 0.03µs/step (Basic instuction)
Built-in memory RAM (ROM/Small PC card is optional)
Memory capacity Approx.32k steps Approx. 60k steps/Approx. 120k steps (varies with defferent models)
Operation memoryInternal relay 14192 points
Timer/Counter(T/C) 1024 points in total 3072 points in total
Data register 10240 words
File register 32765 words 32765 words × 3 banks
Special FunctionsAnalog I/O Available by adding analog input and analog output units.
High speed counter Available by adding high-speed counter unit. (Max. 200 kHz)
Pulse output Positioning unit 2-axis Positioning unit 4-axis
RS232C RS232C port is standard equipped on CPU unit. Expandable by adding C.C.U. and serial data unit.
Interrupt input Available by adding high-speed counter unit or pulse I/O unit.
Special Network FunctionsRemote I/O S-LINK, MEWNET-F
PLC Link MEWNET-W (Wire) MEWNET-W2 (Wire)
Computer Link Linkable by using tool port or COM. port on CPU unit. Also available by adding C.C.U.
Modem connection Available
Other Built-in FunctionsProgram block-edit during RUN Available
Constant scan Available
Clock/Calendar function Built-in type

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