PLC Programmable Controls: FP0R

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Ultra-high speed processing enhances productivity

Advanced functionality and performance - superior to basic ultra-compact models.

Ultra-high speed of 80 nsec/step (Basic instructions) within a range of 0 to 3000 steps

Scan time can be significantly reduced by simply transporting existing FP0 programs (2.7 k steps) into FP0R.

Processing of the 3001st and later steps is also 1.5 times faster than the conventional model.

The ultra-high processing speed is also ideal for use as a sensor controller.

Labeling machines, for example, require a system capable of instantly reading output signals from a fiber sensor and quickly controlling the roller rotation to detect the label head or end edge on the release paper tape taken up at a high speed.

Ultra-high speed scanning by FP0R:

  • 100 program steps: 0.2 msec or less
  • Even 1000 program steps: 0.5 msec or less
  • FP0R can serve well as a high performance sensor controller in combination with a Panasonic fiber sensor

32 k step program capacity* and 32 k word data register

Functionality enhancements of systems and equipment (analog control, positioning, communications, and touch panels) inevitably accompany an increase in the number and complexity of programs.

FP0R accommodates the increase with its large program memory capacity of 32 k steps as well as a data register of 32 k words, and facilitates record management and data setting for a variety of product types.

* C10/C14/C16: Program capacity of 16 k steps and data register of 12 k words

Equipped with an independent comment memory

Easy maintenance of programs

There are difficulties with program control on a PC, such as identifying the latest program. The use of the program in the PLC of equipment in operation is often regarded as the best option. Since FP0R has an independent comment memory, all comments can be stored in the PLC together with programs, facilitating program control and maintenance

USB 2.0 tool port provided as standard equipment

Simple and useful

The control unit can be easily connected to a PC with a commercially available USB cable*, making program editing/monitoring available. It is no longer necessary to prepare an expensive USB adapter or bring a dedicated cable to remote locations. The high operability enhances the productivity.

* Please use a USB 2.0-certified cable (A-mini B type). Type: USB (A) Male – USB (5-pin mini B) Male

High-speed program transfer

Programs can be transferred at high speed via the USB tool port, improving the operation efficiency. Even 32 k step data (with no comments) can be instantly transferred in approx. 5 seconds, reducing the stress on users.

* Compatible OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Battery-less backup of all data

The F type (FP0R-F32) has a built-in FRAM, which is a cutting-edge device that allows the automatic real-time saving of all data without a backup battery.

  • There is no need to worry about data loss after a long vacation.
  • Battery replacement is no longer necessary when shipping or transferring the unit overseas.
  • Replacement of equipment and restoration of idle equipment is easy.

* As of April 1, 2009


Jog positioning control (F171 instruction)

The motion can be started without a preset target value. When a stop signal is input, the target value is set, and the motion is slowed to a stop.

Individual settings for acceleration and deceleration (available for F171, F172, F174, and F175 instructions)

The acceleration time and deceleration time can be individually set.

Changing the speed (available for F171 and F172 instructions)

The target speed can be changed by an external signal input during the jog operation or trapezoidal control operation.

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